Scott Johnstone, Southland

Scott Johnstone, Southland

Scott first came to us early in 2020 wanting some heavy barred gates for round his cattle yards. Scott initially purchased some of our 10ft Barred Cattle gates. He has since purchased an additional 20 odd barred cattle gates for his dairy farms in the Southland region. Our barred cattle gates are particularly versatile as they’re plenty strong enough to be used in a yard, as well as anywhere on the farm. Read below to get Scotts thoughts on working with Onefarm.

Only queries I would of had to consider would of been: possible delay in receiving gates, quality issues being Chinese engineered. But both fears were allayed.

The barred cattle gates were of very high quality. Very strong.

Very cost effective – great value!

Well-made gates, good location to pick up from, friendly unbeatable service from Jack.

Yes for many of reasons – The efficiency of the service, great product.

Excellent company to deal with, a no bullshit approach.