• The Centaur Crush (Coming Soon)
  • The Centaur Crush (Coming Soon)

The Centaur Crush (Coming Soon)

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This is our top of the line model, the Centaur Crush.

The design process for this crush revolved around a steadfast view of the importance of strength. The Centaur is our answer to all larger farmers wanting something that tackles any stock, no matter how big and angry.

The Centaur has all the core benefits of the Phoenix Crush, with the addition of a dual sided squeeze system which reduces the animal compartment of the crush on a vertical linkage.

If you need to prevent any animal movement for breeding procedures, the Centaur is solid option.

Fully hot dipped galvanised and available in left and right hand operation.

Comes fitted with a heavy duty rubber floor by Numat.

Compatible with Tru-Test and Gallagher Load Bar ranges.

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