Vinny Santo, Tasman

Vinny Santo, Tasman

Being able to deal with farmers like Vinny is what makes working in the agriculture industry all the more rewarding. Vinny’s been a long time customer of Onefarm, dating back to 2015 when he bought his first deer gates from us for his farm in the Hawkes Bay. More recently Vinny made the move south to Murchison to take over his next farm. Without wasting any time, Vinny ripped straight into replacing several deer gates before building a cattle yard for his cattle stocks. Vinny decided on our 23 Head Cattle Yard as a base and has since added to the yard with a few extra panels to squeeze a few more cattle in there.

We look forward to partnering Vinny for his next project.

Have a read below to hear what Vinny thinks of Onefarm…

There was none. We’ve dealt with Onefarm several times, so knew we would be looked after.

That our farming practices became a lot more simple saving us time and frustration.

The crush having so many functions has enabled us to manage our herd more thoroughly. 

Having a long lasting strong product, having backup support available immediately, not having to worry about it going to work or not.

Yes for many of reasons – the quality and service combination are best in market. And importantly to most farmers is the financial side, where this product drops into affordability with quality which is not a regular thing.

My gratitude to the company for not only the support but thank you for a great product as this has really increased our efficiency working on the cattle and this is great as it gives us more time to go focus on more value add stuff. We work to a budget and thanks to Onefarm we stayed on budget for this cattle yard.